workshops and training
Maintaining an Enterprise system can be a challenge. We understand. As a result, we make it our job to help you do yours by offering the expertise required for Livelink administrators, support staff or other interested parties. The types of workshops we offer are:

Livelink System Security
Learn about the seven layers of security within a Livelink ECM system from object-level access control lists through session-based cookies and how best to use them in your organization. Extended topics can include customer-specific scenarios and concerns.

Livelink Architecture Options and Designs
Learn about the specific architecture behind Livelink ECM Document Management. Details on the various components and how they interrelate is central to understanding the user experience as well as how the system will scale. Extended topics can include the Livelink ECM email integrations (archiving, management, monitoring), LAPI, or specific modules of the customer's desire.

Livelink Performance Analysis
Learn about what makes Livelink ECM Document Management "tick" from a performance standpoint and how to maximize the performance of a system. Discussions also revolve around various logging that is available within the system and the affiliated components.

Livelink System Maintenance
Learn all about the ways to ensure your Livelink ECM system will not go down. Focus is on proactive system monitoring and usage trend-analysis leveraging available tools. Even greater knowledge transfer can be accomodated if the customer owns the Livelink Performance Analyzer and/or Livelink Monitoring agent tools.

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