system installation
Installing or upgrading your Livelink ECM solution can be daunting. That's where we can help.

Whether it's a single instance of Livelink ECM or a globally-dispersed multiple server farm, we can help ease the worry of your installation.

There are many moving parts - from cookie encryption to data source synchronization - that need to considered for a successful installation, and we manage every step of the process. If desired we will work with your staff to interactively demonstrate the installation process, but regardless, at the end of the installation we present you with a fully-functional and tested system as well as documentation detailing the components, paths, configuration entries and so forth.

Furthermore, our consultants are fluent in some of the more esoteric configuration options in areas such as search/index availability, Livelink ECM Archive Server, Microsoft Cluster, and more.

For success with your installation, contact us today!

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