performance analyses
Performance is key. As much as we may want to ignore it, performance of an ECM system is key to the continuing success of that system. Without performance, user satisfaction declines, adoption drops and the value and utility for the remaining users reduces. As feedback cycles for a collaborative system works both positively and negatively, user dissatisfaction is clearly a situation to avoid.

There are several scenarios for which a performance analysis is recommended for your system:
  • Specific Performance Issues
  • General or Sporadic Performance issues
  • Trend Analysis
  • General Health Assessment
Specific Performance Issues
When you are experiencing a specific, repeatable performance problem and wish to identify the problem this is the engagement for you. The consultant will examine detailed application logs (web server, Livelink ECM, and database) for problems and, if required, examine core OScript code to solve the problem or suggest alternatives.

General or Sporadic Performance Issues
When the system has general performance problems, this engagement examines the system as a whole to determine bottleneck(s). Sporadic problems may be time-of-day related or due to some other influence. Application logs from all relevant components are used as well as any supporting information to analyse the usage and isolate the problem.

Trend Analysis
If you are interested in how the system is not only being used now, but also how it's been used in the past, this is the engagement for you. Historical assessment is available only through audit trails, however a quarterly subscription to this engagement can allow for more detailed trends to manifest themselves, giving you the ability to proactively address areas of impending concern.

General Health Assessment
If the system is performing adequately but you would like an experienced "once-over", this is the engagement for you. The consultant will review the full Livelink ECM system, configuration files, and so forth to ensure that everything is appropriately set for your usage profile.

Our primary consultant has over a decade of experience with performance of ECM systems with specific knowledge of the Livelink ECM suite and was responsible for several core performance-related changes to the Livelink ECM software.

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