past feedback
Some past feedback regarding Ben Shapiro:

Architecture Sizing and Scaling
"Ben was brought in to develop a world wide architecture for our Livelink implementation. He delivered exceptional results in a timely manner ... You can't go wrong with this guy!!!" - John Simon, Senior Analyst, ConocoPhillips

"Ben worked on my team as the technical and solution architect for a multi-million dollar implementation of Livelink for a super-major oil company. In this capacity Ben demonstrated exceptional knowledge and expertise not only of Livelink but also of system design and architecture. Due to Ben's commitment to the project we were able to complete the project on time and within budget. Ben consistently went above and beyond, helping others on the team where it made sense and even picking up additional assignments to help ensure the overall success of the project. I look forward to working with Ben in the future." - Alan Allen, Senior Manager, Accenture

"Ben is and continues to be an outstanding asset ... With his expertise in infrastructure architecture he designed a global architecture, with supporting documentation, that has set a new benchmark for similar work in a global oil and gas firm. Not only has his technical knowledge directly impacted the success of the project; his positive attitude, collaborative work ethic, and outstanding deliverables makes Ben a critical team member." - Tamara Blaha, Project Consultant, Schlumberger

"I have worked alongside Ben Shapiro in an intensive project team setting. Ben is a broad-based professional who understands how content management systems work in the framework of corporate strategy and policy, yet he can also drill right to the crux of a complex technical problem to craft a creative solution. Ben does his homework; he is sensitive to client requirements, and is always prepared. His even temperament and delightful sense of humor help create a collaborative and cohesive work environment. In all respects, Ben Shapiro delivers real value to his customers." - Bill Anderson, Access Sciences Corporation

"Working with Ben at a joint client has been a great experience. His work is of the highest quality and he has drawn excellent reviews from the client. I would very much recommend Ben and I look forward to working with him again. - Michael Elkins, Principal, Kestral Group

"Ben did some Livelink planning for me at CIBC. His work was precise and complete, and was delivered within the tight time frames we were looking for. His work effectively blueprinted our hardware and software installation for Livelink, and met all the architectural requirements of CIBC's very detailed methodology called for. I would hire Ben back any time." - Neil Wagner, IT Consultant

Performance Analysis
"Ben was hired in on a short term engagement to take a look at our Livelink system and basically give us a systems health check. Ben, did a fantastic job, not just doing the health check, but explaining what and how he was doing it. A very solid technical resource !" - Scott Wallace, Global Livelink Admin, Kerr McGee

"Ben has one of the sharpest minds it has been my pleasure to work with. His analytical thinking was a great asset ... He was instrumental in developing service offerings and software solutions that are ... being used by Open Text Consultants. I will count myself very lucky if I ever get the chance to work closely with him again in the future." - Jeff James, Principal Consultant, EIEC LLC.

"There are few people in the world quite like Ben; his pleasant demeanor and easy manner masks a brilliant mind and strong work ethic. ... I'll just say that'd I have him on my team ... regardless of the purpose of the team!" - David Kinchlea (Spring 2006), Director ECM Architecture, Open Text Corporation

"Ben is a highly intelligent and well organized individual. It is easy to see that he would be effective in almost any project, role, or scenario. Whether it be working in a large process oriented environment or a dynamic startup company, Ben is a strong asset." - Geoff Bourgeois, Senior Product Manager, ZANTAZ

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